EFFECTIVE FROM 8th November 2023

Second hand smoke is a health hazard in public, workplace and sporting facilities.

This policy is designed to protect all our members from the dangers of inhaling smoke or other fumes
linked to smoking/vaping and to comply with smoke free legislation.

Signage is displayed to inform club members, visiting players, other visitors, contractors etc. of the Club’s Non-Smoking Policy.

Policy in Compliance with Health & Safety Regulations and Bowls England

  • Club members, visiting players, spectators and any other person(s) are required NOT to smoke
    on the bowling green, the paths bordering the green, on the clubhouse patio, adjacent to or in
    the viewing gallery, on the roadway or in the car park in the immediate vicinity of the clubhouse.
    These areas are indicated by prominent NO SMOKING or VAPING signage.
  • There is a designated area set aside for smoking or vaping between the access roadway and car park. Bins are provided for the extinguishing of cigarette ends and we would ask any smokers to please use these and not to discard their cigarette ends.

The SMOKING and VAPING area is clearly signed.

  • A copy of this document will be displayed in the Clubhouse and emailed to all members.
    All new members will be given a copy of this policy when joining Byeways Bowling Club.
  • The Captain of the Day will advise all visitors of the Club Non-Smoking Policy before the start of every game.
  • A copy of this document will be sent to every club we play and to Bowls Devon and Section One.
  • The Club has endeavoured to take a balanced view regarding smoking or vaping on Club premises. As the great majority of our members do not either smoke or vape, the Club feels it is only fair to ensure they are able to enjoy playing bowls or simply enjoy the Club without the presence of smoke or vapour. A designated smoking area has been provided for any persons to use whenever they wish to have a cigarette, cigar or vape.
  • The Club does fully expect compliance with this policy. Any member who ignores this can expect a verbal warning followed by a written warning for continued breaches, ultimately leading to an appearance at a disciplinary committee hearing.
  • All Byeways Bowling Club’s Executive Committee members are responsible for ensuring the implementation of this policy and all Club members have a personal responsibility in ensuring their personal compliance and in ensuring that all those who enter the premises are made aware of and observe this policy.

Byeways Bowling Club Executive Committee adopted this policy on 8th November 2023